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Get Professional Photographs of Your Exhibit, Crew, and Products at Natural Products Expo West in March, 2023

Picture this…

…the buzz of a busy trade show, the vibrant colors of the booths, and the palpable excitement of innovation at every turn. It’s a visual symphony, and every exhibitor is a soloist striving to be heard. I’m the maestro you need — your professional trade show exhibit photographer.

For those ready to elevate their exhibit, I offer an exclusive service: all booth and product photography will be conducted in the quiet hours before the show opens, ensuring that your story is captured without the cacophony of the crowd.

The galleries from last year’s Natural Products Expo West aren’t just pictures, but each photo is a tool for your marketing arsenal to showcase your brand’s presence and prowess.

Heading to Natural Products Expo West in March

Let’s talk logistics. My services come with a clear-cut base pricing, but the canvas of your brand’s narrative is vast. Opt for add-ons like scheduled group photography separate from the exhibit or in-booth product photography that can be arranged to fit your timeline.

I’m committed to excellence, and excellence takes time. To ensure each client receives the meticulous attention they deserve, I’m limiting bookings to twelve clients per day.

What sets us apart? It’s not just a snapshot; it’s a crafted image. I employ a technique of bracketed photography, blending multiple exposures into a single High Dynamic Range (HDR) photograph that captures your booth in the finest detail and light. While other exhibits may form the background tapestry, we focus the frame on your story, cropping precisely to highlight your brand’s stage.

Our photos are authentic, with the option for subtle enhancements like object removal, ensuring that the final image remains a true representation of your exhibit.

More Than Just a Photographer

As your trade show exhibit photographer, I don’t just offer a service; I offer a partnership. A partnership that understands the language of angles and light, the importance of first impressions, and the enduring power of a picture. Let’s capture your trade show moment in a way that resonates, reverberates, and, most importantly, sells.

Ready to make your exhibit unforgettable? Let’s focus on the future together.

20x20 island tradeshow booth professional photo

Check out our gallery from 2023!


Empty Booth Views

We shoot either before the doors open or after the show has closed for the day to give you a pristine architectural view of your exhibit. Whether an island or an island, we’ll take multiple views of your exhibit to showcase the best angle and look.


ONLY $399

Crew Shots

Let us capture a view of your booth staff in all their glory! Whether it’s three or thirty, we can snap a photo of everyone in the booth!




ONLY $199

Product CloseUps

Show off the details of your booth with product photos. Tell us exactly what you’d like us to capture before the show. Up to ten photos.




ONLY $199

Order before January 31, 2024, using the discount code SMILE, and save $50 on each element: empty booth view, crew shot, and product close-ups!

Exhibit Houses and Labor Groups: Ask About Discounts for Multiple Exhibits!

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Tony marino

“Your compositions are fantastic. Not a lot of people can do things as well as the way you do. Great angles. You definitely have a gift!”

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