Tradeshowguy Exhibits is a boutique exhibit firm focused on helping small to medium-sized business grow their businesses through the smart use of tradeshow marketing by providing top value and rendering expert tradeshow marketing support. 

TradeshowGuy Exhibits offers a complete line of modular and custom tradeshow exhibits and accessories. Our experiences design team can help you create the exhibit that best suits your marketing and function needs based on your desired budget. You’ll find a wide range of customizable tradeshow displays, lights, shipping cases, banner stands, literature stands and more when you visit our online Exhibit Design Search.

Our goal is to create a stunning exhibit for you – but it doesn’t stop there! We also offer consulting and advice on how best to prepare your staff for the rigors of a chaotic three- or four-day event with thousand of attendees and hundreds of competing exhibitors – because we know that while having a great display is extremely important, to really succeed at the next show the people in your booth must be ready for your audience.

TradeshowGuy Exhibits is a member of SEDCOR in Salem.

TradeshowGuy Exhibits Launches New Display Products Website

For years, here at TradeshowGuy Exhibits, we’ve teamed up with great partners: exhibit designers and producers, display products manufacturers, I&D labor teams and more. For example, our Exhibit Design Search website provided by Classic Exhibits is the...
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Why the Gravitee Exhibit is Game-Changer

Can a single exhibit called Gravitee really be a game-changer when it comes to exhibit design aimed at flexibility and being user-friendly? Let's take a look: "If you're tight on time or budget, try Gravitee!" So exclaims Rey at Classic Exhibit, the exhibit house that...
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Meet Gravitee, Our Newest Exhibit

So many exhibitors are tired of exhibits that are hard to set up, need tools or hired help, or don't have much flexibility. It appears that Gravitee may change all that. Gravitee is a new system designed by Classic Exhibits that addresses so many of the issues that...
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Meduri Farms Custom 20×20 Exhibit Project

You never know exactly how new clients will find you. It could be from an introduction at a tradeshow. It might be from someone hearing a webinar that impressed them enough to make a call. It might be from an internet search or a referral. The Meduri Farms exhibit...
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Exhibit Design Search Video Walk-through Click here to get to our Exhibit Design Search.
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Tradeshowguy Post-Show Follow-Up Checklist

You just got back from a big tradeshow and you have a TON of work to do to make sure all of your follow up is done properly. How about if I get you a list of what you should be checking? Of course, you'd love it. Here. Just click and download the Tradeshowguy Follow...
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