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Choosing an exhibit house can be tough

If you're looking for an exhibit house, take a look at some of our videos to help you determine which works best for you:

How to Choose an Exhibit House

Looking for a new custom tradeshow exhibit, but don't know how to best choose an exhibit house that fits your marketing team and company to a T?

How to Know When It’s Time for a New Booth

Your tradeshow booth may be getting a little long in the tooth. But how do you really know if it's time to invest in a new booth - or if it's more advisable to wait another year or two and simply upgrade your current exhibit property?

How to Sell the Boss on a New Booth Project

As the tradeshow marketing manager, you may recognize the need for a new tradeshow booth. But how do you convince the boss that it's really time - and that you can really afford it?

7 Questions You’ll Never Ask Your Exhibit House

If you're looking to connect with a new tradeshow exhibit house, it's likely that you're falling short by not asking these seven questions.

How to Issue an RFP for a Booth Project

Sometimes you'll want to get a little more formal in your quest for a new booth and you'll decide to issue a Request for Proposal (RFP). This is a great idea - but there are certain guidelines you would be advised to follow.


What we've done - and what we can do for you!
  • Meduri Farms 20×20 Custom Booth Project

    Meduri Farms 20×20 Custom Booth Project
    Exhibit Project
  • Rental Furniture

    Rental Furniture and Accessories

    Here’s a great selection of rental furniture and accessories. See the whole collection!

    Rental Furniture and Accessories
    Rental Furniture
  • ECO Displays


    From small portable displays, to large island exhibits, the sky’s the limit for our eSmart Sustainable Displays. All of our eSmart products are designed and constructed with the most environmentally-friendly materials available.

    ECO Displays
  • Charging Stations


    One of the most popular items for tradeshow exhibitors, these custom charging stations give your customer and clients a place to recharge while discussing your business.

    Charging Stations
  • Proposed Designs

    91814 Stahlbush Farms 10x20 View 1
    91814 Stahlbush Farms 10x20 View 1
    Proposed Designs
  • SoYoung

    SoYoung, winner of ExhibitorLIVE’s Best 10×10 Portable Modular Exhibit Award, 2015

    This 10×10 custom exhibit won the 2016 ExhibitorLIVE Best 10×10 Portable Modular Exhibit Award.

    SoYoung, winner of ExhibitorLIVE’s Best 10×10 Portable Modular Exhibit Award, 2015
  • Bob’s Red Mill Custom 30×40

    Bob's Red Mill custom 30x40 exhibit
    Bob's Red Mill custom 30x40 exhibit
    Bob’s Red Mill Custom 30×40
  • Island Booths

    Marquis Spas
    Marquis Spas
    Island Booths
  • In Line Exhibits

    In Line Exhibits
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