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Here’s a great way to search for a new exhibit. Our Exhibit Design Search shows you 1000s of exhibits, accessories, charging tables, rental furniture and more. Need a banner stand, fabric graphic back wall, pop-up, short wall, charging station or a full-blown custom island exhibit? Look no further.

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Custom and Portable Tradeshow Exhibits for Small and Medium Businesses

TradeshowGuy Exhibits works with clients who are ready for a tradeshow exhibit that better represents their brand, or are tired of paying a lot to ship heavy and clunky exhibits, or don’t have an overall exhibiting program to get the best return on their tradeshow marketing investment.

How to Sell the Boss on a New Booth Project

You’re the tradeshow marketing manager. You know your current tradeshow booth needs an upgrade – or it needs to find a home in the nearest disposal facility. But getting the boss on board with a new tradeshow exhibit will take some doing. Take a look at this short video and you’ll get some good ideas on how to logically approach the boss for a new project.

How to Issue an RFP for a Booth Project

Tradeshow exhibit projects can be daunting. One of the best ways to corral all of your team’s thoughts into one area is to create a single document known as the Request for Proposal. Once you’ve identified the various items, from budget to exhibit size, branding elements and more, you can then submit that RFP to a handful of hand-picked exhibit houses. TradeshowGuy Tim Patterson discusses the various elements of an RFP in this video.

7 Questions You'll Never Ask Your Exhibit House

It’s not that people won’t ask questions of their exhibit house when they need to. It’s just that they often don’t know exactly which questions to ask. In this brief video we go over those 7 questions. Take a look!

How to Choose an Exhibit House

It’s not that people won’t ask questions of their exhibit house when they need to. It’s just that they often don’t know exactly which questions to ask. In this brief video we go over those 7 questions. Take a look!

How to Know When It's Time for a New Exhibit

Sure, you might think you need a new tradeshow exhibit. But do you really? Check out this short video to help you determine if it’s time to go for a new booth, or wait until next year.

What they say…

I liked the process. Tim met me at the tradeshow and we walked the show floor to get ideas before we moved on to the design phase. It was smooth from start to finish and the new booth helps us dominate our niche at tradeshows.

Robert Agnew

Senior VP of Sales, Bob's Red Mill

Our experience working with Tim and TradeshowGuy Exhibits was second to none. His expertise and professionalism not only enabled our logistical goals, but also energized collaboration with our design and product teams. And the finished product? Exceptional!.

Tracey Hastings

Customer Support Manager, Schmidt's Naturals

We needed a custom booth to step up our tradeshow marketing game. TradeshowGuy Exhibits came through in a big way – in fact, our booth won an Exhibitor Magazine Best Portable Modular Award for a 10×10 portable booth! Catherine Choi

Owner, SoYoung

We were so happy with how everything was done – from the logistics to the shipping to the actual booth design. Tim was a pleasure to work with, and we can’t thank him enough for making our first exhibiting experience a success. Marketing Department

Betterment, LLC

The most welcoming, colorful, unique exhibit at the show! The President saw it for the first time at the show and thought it was beautiful! We tripled our leads the first year exhibiting with our newly designed booth. Awesome work, TradeshowGuy!

Sara Lotten

Sales Support & Marketing Specialist, Meduri Farms

We were lucky enough to discover Tim and TradeshowGuy Exhibits while doing research on a new booth. From start to finish, Tim was professional, insightful and passionate about our project. We feel thankful we were able to benefit from  his wealth of experience and understanding of every aspect of the trade show process. Our booth turned out beautiful, we can’t thank him enough!

Briana Belden

Associate Brand Manager, Wedderspoon Organic

Working with Tim at TradeshowGuy Exhibits was awesome. He made the process very seamless, from design, installation & dismantle, and even return shipping! He was extremely helpful in answering all our questions and assisting us through the process. There are many moving parts and various vendors to deal with, and Tim made it all easy for us. I highly recommend Tim for any company looking for trade show help…our booth wouldn’t have been nearly as cool without his help Cristina Watson

Marketing Manager, Dave's Killer Bread

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