gravitee-hero2So many exhibitors are tired of exhibits that are hard to set up, need tools or hired help, or don’t have much flexibility.

It appears that Gravitee may change all that.

Gravitee is a new system designed by Classic Exhibits that addresses so many of the issues that exhibitors face.

Here’s what you get with the Gravitee One-Step Modular System:

  • Full-size Fully Assembled Panels
  • Quick Assembly — No Tools or No Loose Partsgravitee-2
  • One or Two-sided Panels
  • Direct Print or SEG Fabric Graphics
  • Stackable Flat and Curved Panels
  • Engineered Aluminum Frames
  • Perfect for Events, Corporate Environments, Tradeshows, and Retail

Gravitee will defy your expectations by combining custom design with simple assembly.  The fully-assembled panels connect without loose parts or tools and accept both SEG fabric and direct print graphics. The panels are stackable (again without tools), and every panel is design to be single or double-sided for seamless versatility.

Curved and flat panels combine for limitless design possibilities. Create inlines or islands where graphics wrap across multiple panels, side-to-side or top to bottom. Then reconfigure the panels for an alternative look.

Check out this video to see the Gravitee One-Step Modular System up close and personal!

Download our printable Gravitee brochure!

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