Tradeshow Deals

VK-2307Want to save money on tradeshow exhibits and accessories? Of course you do!

But it’s often hard to know where and when you’ll save. We’ve endeavored to solve that – at least a bit.

Every two weeks, we publish a small newsletter that has nothing but discounts in it. We pick 3 or 4 items ranging from banner stands to table top exhibits to large island booths and put them on sale. It might be that over the course of a few months (or even a year) you don’t see anything that you really want or need.

But then when you do – you could save thousands of dollars in an instant!

In fact, to make it more worth your time to latch on to this valuable email, once you confirm your email address, we’ll send you a 10% off coupon you can use on any exhibit in our catalogs. That alone, could save you thousands of dollars!

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